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Every major block-buster film and TV production requires digital effects and 3D assets to achieve the utmost in both realism and fantasy.  We have cultivated our services and technology to provide cutting edge quality for digital humans.  Please contact us for further information regarding our film-quality 3D assets and production services.


We bring real-time characters to life with the latest in motion capture technology to achieve detailed facial animation and character movement, as well as  create characters utilizing the most efficient pipeline designed for popular game engines like Unity, Unreal, and Cry Engine.  We work hard to deliver quality characters and animation under tight deadlines to ensure your projects are completed within schedule and budget.


Ultra real digital humans create impact.  Our studio is dedicated to creating and delivering exciting new content that creates connections and pushes the boundaries for creative industries.  We work with advertisers to design the optimum animated character for commercials, advertisements, and promotional content, and offer a range of services customized to the specific needs of each client.


For the most immersive experience, we utilize 3D scanning and motion capture technology to bring to life custom, ultra real digital humans and animate historical figures and celebrities.  Whether for entertainment, social, or business, our team is highly experienced in building worlds and real-time characters that operate in popular game engines like Unity, Unreal, and Cry Engine.


Animation is vital for achieving realism in human and AI interactions.  Our ground-breaking, realistic, real-time animation services include facial and body rigging, modeling, and animation.  Through our optimized pipeline and authentic expression creation, we strive to produce the highest quality digital humans made to advance the most innovative projects and push the boundaries of technology.

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